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Purpose Podcasts We Love

1. offers a unique take on news, with a focus on political, legal, economic and social issues in South Africa and Africa, as well as international affairs. Polity strives to provide readers with reliable and objective reporting on important issues.


2. Voices from SA interviews people working in the arts, business, academia and civil society in South Africa. Listen to new perspectives on issues of race, gender and transformation. The host, Nicholas Claude, is a freelance writer based in Johannesburg.


3. Hosted by Gareth Cliff and his team, The Gareth Cliff Show brings you an uncensored, real conversation about everything in the news, guests, edgy material and a healthy dose of inspiration and intelligence. Without limits, there will be entertainment, provocative content, and unhinged reality.


4. The Cheeky Natives is a black literature podcast focused on archiving Black stories, hosted by Dr Alma Cele and Letlhogonolo Mokgoroane.


5. Waking Up in South Africa: Mindfulness Informed Conversations Using mindfulness to engage real world issues from diverse South African perspectives. Conversations hosted by Simon Whitesman, Mbuyi Yanta and Yanna Romano de Greef. The Waking Up in South Africa podcast is produced and published by The Institute for Mindfulness South Africa (IMISA).


6. Purpose Practitioners Club is a podcast for Young Professionals who are determined to actively pursue and engage in professions, disciplines or arts that serve their purpose on this Earth. The vision is that with each episode, the listener is fed with knowledge, thoroughly developed, inspired to take action and to achieve the dreams and ideas God has put in their heart.


7. Colourful Numbers is a show that looks at the important South African climate change stories behind the data.


8. KindnessCan: Kindness is such a simple word. We’ve all experienced the joy of kindness in our lives. We all aspire to be kinder. We believe that kindness has the power to change the world. Yet, knowing how to be kinder in an increasingly tough world is sometimes hard for all of us. In this podcast series, radio personality Jane Linley-Thomas and psychologist Paul Bushell explore simple ways to be kinder in different situations in our lives.


9. Lesser Known Somebodies: Simmi Areff hosts a series of conversations with some of the most interesting South Africans and uncovers the lesser-known stories about them.


10. Purpose Pioneers Talk Show is our own interactive talk on Instagram Live where The Change Collective Africa will be interviewing influential, successful South African pioneers to find out how they lead their lives with purpose.

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