The powerful role that design and innovation can play in creating a better future, specifically around female empowerment

The powerful role that design and innovation can play in creating a better future, specifically around female empowerment

Leading the charge with #GiveHerACrown 2021, powered by Jaguar

Until not so long ago, design and innovation were used in the luxury motor vehicle industry solely as tools to create products for profit. But society is rapidly evolving and in the Covid-19 era there’s a growing awareness about the injustices in the world, from environmental destruction to gender-based violence (GBV). Much of this quest for change has been awakened through the power of social media, where stories can be spread to a huge audience at the tap of a button.

It’s heart-warming to see that South African corporates have not been left behind in this growing global awareness movement. In fact, many have embraced it, finding renewed purpose in their power. After all, corporates are made up of living, breathing human beings who witness or even experience daily injustices, just like everyone else. The esteemed luxury vehicle brand Jaguar is one such ‘corporate’ that has been leading the charge by harnessing their prominence and power to ‘do good’, from their commitment to sustainability to their pledge to help uplift the country’s women who need it most.

#GiveHerACrown 2021: Passing the baton.

Bearing the above in mind, Jaguar has once again powered the #GiveHerACrown campaign, as part of their commitment to support the country’s burgeoning female empowerment movement. This year, as part of The Crown Collection, six exceptionally talented South African artists have each created a bespoke digital artwork, depicting an inspirational female activist, influencer or survivor. The personal stories of each of the artists and their ‘crowned’ women will be shared on social media. The proceeds of the collection will go towards the Crown Bursary Fund and benefit a selected number of aspiring female designers through bursaries at Inscape College.

These artists are using their unique strengths to innovate, create and inspire for positive change. By embracing their own power and that of their heroines, the featured artists will be ‘passing the baton’ to their fellow South Africans, in turn inspiring all of us to value, celebrate and uplift women in society.

Meet the artists: “Paying it forward”:

Sphelele Gumede: Durban-based artist, Sphelele (aka Ellsphee) is a multidisciplinary creative director whose work is inspired by a combination of people and other art forms such as music, film and photography. “I like the idea of paying it forward. We’re all here with each other so let’s do our best to take care of each other.”
Instagram: @ellsphee

Sinomonde Ngwane: Another Durban-based illustrator (as well as graphic designer, blogger and micro-influencer) Sinomonde explores the issue of vulnerability while drawing inspiration from her personal experiences of being a strong black South African woman. Sinomonde says: “I decided to be a part of this initiative because the campaign honours, empowers and amplifies the voices of women. #GiveHerACrown aligns with my purpose and values as an illustrator.”
Instagram: @doodlesandpoetry

Danielle Clough: Cape Town-based embroiderer Danielle uses her deep passion for colour and portraiture to weave a variety of mediums together. “I love this project because through the celebration of strong women, we see what is possible. I believe that it reminds us of the power of acting and contributing, in a time when things can feel hopeless, and that as a collective, we can be small parts of big acts.”
Instagram: @fiance_knowles

Mark Modimola: Mark is a proudly African visual artist. This prolific and versatile creator’s portfolio explores the nuances of African identity and spirituality, often through the cultural aesthetic of Afro-futurism. Mark says: “We are constantly creating the future, and so we must be mindful to think of the people coming up behind us. We must open doors for them through our actions.”
Instagram: @mark_draws

Ras Silas Motse: Ras Silas Motse is a contemporary, minimalist, Afro-centric and avant-garde artist who captures feelings to narrate contemporary concepts using a cross-section of African people as his subjects. “Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them. And may we also crown them!,” he says.
Instagram: @rassilasmotse_studios

Balekane Legoabe: Balekane is a Johannesburg-based visual artist specialising in mixed media collage, working both digitally and traditionally. Balekane says that she “decided to get involved with the #GiveHerACrown initiative, because it aligns perfectly with my values. Bringing more light, beauty and positivity to the world through art and bringing beauty, hope and upliftment into the lives of others.”
Instagram: @_christianbale

Through their custodianship of the 2021 Crown Collection, Jaguar will continue to drive positive change. Being already well-versed in the power of art – in the form of their dramatic designs and cutting-edge engineering for the luxury vehicles that they produce – Jaguar is the perfect brand to support this worthy empowerment initiative.
Jaguar urges South Africans and other corporates to:

Bring about real change
Help right societal wrongs
Address the scourge of GBV.

Through innovation and creativity, Jaguar believes we’ve all got the power to make a better South Africa, together.

Start making a difference to support the Crown Bursary Fund by visiting to view and buy the collection of prints.

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