#PurposePioneerTalkShow Interview with Amonge Sinxoto

“Identity is what you claim, what you celebrate, what you wear on your chest.”



Welcome to The Purpose Pioneers Talk Show, where we interview influential, successful South African pioneers such as businesspeople, teachers, doctors, activists, artists, creatives, and change-makers to find out how they lead their lives with purpose! We at The Change Collective Africa truly believe that if you haven’t found your purpose as an individual or as a business now is the time to do so and hearing from others might give you the inspiration you need.


In this interview, our vibrant host Jess Tims interviewed Amonge Sinxoto, the 18-year old social entrepreneur, activist, Global Teen Leader 2019, Tedx Speaker and Co-founder of @blackboard_africa!


Watch them discuss purpose, young African identity, and the power young people have to change the world!




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Follow Amonge’s journey here and check out Black Board Africa here.



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